At Arleys we realise that different people work in different ways and we know that there is no one bookkeeping method that will suit everyone; so we adopted them all. Below we have listed the main ways that our clients get their information to us; however this can be tailored around you personally and how you like to work.

Emailing Your Information To Your Personal Accountant

From the research we have done we know that some of you will simply prefer to email all of your information to us, freeing up your time to concentrate on your profession. Your personal accountant will happily process your hours, receipts, and anything else that will need to go through your business, and send you a regular financial statement so you know how much to pay yourself.

Posting Your Information To Your Personal Accountant

Although these days this is somewhat uncommon, your personal accountant will be happy to receive all your information in the post, and in return, post you a financial statement to let you know how much to draw and leave in your business.

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