Working as an Airline Pilot Contractor, or Independent Contractor (IC) Pilot gives you the freedom to choose when and where you work, whilst earning significantly more than your counterparts. However, with the increased reward comes the increased responsibility of running and managing your own business.

Choosing a specialist firm of accountants for pilots, such as Arleys, can ease the financial and legal burdens of running a business, giving you the chance to enjoy your new found freedom.

The Arleys service was designed by contractors and this is why we know that we can offer you the service that you have been looking for. With Arleys you decide how we work for you. Whether you want the latest software to run and manage your business, whether you want to email your information to us, or even send the information to us in the post, we give you the freedom to make that decision; as it should be.

The main advantages to working as an IC Pilot are:

Higher rates of pay – Because your client doesn’t have the burden of paying for Employers National Insurance, or having to pay for holidays or sickness cover, then the IC Pilot can often demand much higher rates of pay.

Freedom to choose where and when you work – Some of your contracts will range from a number of months to a number of years which gives you the freedom to work when and where you like.

Trailing different airlines to work for – As with all industries there is always going to be a company that you personally prefer; contracting gives you the opportunity to work for as many different clients as you so wish.

Opportunity to build up a network of contacts – With the increased freedom of working for different airlines brings the opportunity for you to work with many different people allowing you to build a network of contacts to call upon.

Ongoing demand for work – Due to resent economic events large employers are reluctant to hire full time employees because of the financial burden that accompanies them. As an IC Pilot you will be able to pick up much more work as your clients will feel more at ease working with you through the medium of your very own limited company.

If you would like to know more about how Arleys can help you, please call 01925 598 499 or email info@arleys.co.uk and one of the team will be in touch to find out how you want us to work for you.

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